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My style is rooted in spontaneity and emotions. I combine documentary style photography with a more “fashion” approach to offer a complete story full of details and moments. My mission is to be true to your essence and this new chapter of your story.

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“All the perspectives”

“The essential”

“Every moment”

Photo coverage with one photographer from the getting-ready up to the party.

Photo coverage with two photographers. From the getting-ready of each party up to the party.

Reduced photo coverage. We adapt the hour coverage tu your necessities.




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Wedding in Madrid

Elopement in Amsterdam


I'm not in Spain, can I still hire you as my photographer?

I love your work, how can I

work with you?

Of course! I live in Spain but I travel to where your stories take me. I've been all across Spain as well as places such as Amsterdam, Berlin, or Paris. If you want me to portray your day, I'll be there. Let's make it possible.

The first thing would be to get in touch with me. You can do that here. I will be asking a few basic questions regarding the date, the place, etc. and from there we'll get started. My goal is to make it as easy and comfortable for you.

None of the available packages fits my needs, can we switch them up?

We love your vision, could you help us out with styling and planning?

My services are only related to photography, but I would gladly provide any advice I can. In general, I advice my couples on aesthetic choices to help insure you get to most out of the photos. For anything more than that I strongly recommend hiring a Wedding Planner.

Yes. Every couple is different, so we make sure we go through the details of your wedding and adapt the service to your wants and needs.

I've seen you have a lot of black and white photos on your site, do you edit them all like that?

Can I get all the photos taken during my wedding?

No. During a wedding day I take around 8000 photos. There are duplicates, blurry ones, closed eyes, weird faces, etc. My job consists of curating a coverage that is complete and true to the wedding day, which is why I take great care in selecting the final images. If after the first viewing you feel like something is missing, we have one review available for add-ons. If you are still not satisfied, you could get the unedited pictures for 300€.

No. My galleries are 60% color and 40% black and white. I love the elegance and timeless characteristic of the black and white edit. However, we remember in color, and so our memories should be protrayed like that as well.

I would love to print my photos, can I do that with you?

Yes. There are several options when it comes to printing. I design and print my own albums and when you receive your gallery you also get access to the online shop which makes it very easy to purchase your prints.

When will I receive my photos?

The full gallery with the final pictures will be delivered between 6 to 8 weeks after the wedding day.

Shall we save the date?

Get in touch and make sure the date is yours!